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> So I've worked out how to upload photos now and thought I'd update you with the shenanigans from the weekend... Saturday evening a few of us decided to cook dinner together and whilst preparing it a whole batch of new people arrived at the cabanas including Jo, an English girl who bizarrely comes from islington and is the same age and has basically given up her job to do exactly the same thing as me! We ended up cooking for about ten people in the end which was great fun and then we headed into town around 10pm. We went to the street named "cocktail alley" which does exactly what it says it does, cocktails for $1.50! So we got stuck in and then headed to a bar called Cana Grill which had a brilliant live band and we had a good old boogie, see pictures!
> On Sunday we decided to hop on a bus to find some sun - we've been told that Montanita has it's own shite climate and that if you head an hour or so along the coast your guaranteed some sun. So Jo, Jess (from Liverpool), Melissa (from new York) and I hopped on a bus northwards. However after about an hour and a half there was still no sun so we got off at a place called puerto caya, which was practically a ghost town! We managed to find somewhere open for lunch and had a bit of a mooch but really nothing there. Interesting to see what other towns are like compared to the tourist haven that is Montanita, we are really quite spoilt for mod cons here. It's hard to believe people actually live in these tiny fishing villages and what they actually do all day!
> Back to school on Monday and 8am lessons this week! Bloody cockerels are still making a racket all through the night so feeling the lack of sleep somewhat with these early starts. But we are progressing well with the grammar, however my application is still pretty poor - just don't have the words!
> Have had a chilled couple of days, the weekend seems to kick off on Wednesday's here with a karaoke night tonight! I'm going to be diving for the next 4 days however to make up for what we missed at the weekend so I'll be taking it easy, not sure there will be any Belinda by me tonight! Then there is the infamous "ladies night" on Thursday which the locals love (free drinks for girls!) and a BBQ at the cabanas on Friday night so I'll be keeping busy!
> While I remember my mobile doesn't work out here so sorry if you've tried to get in touch that way, hope you're all enjoying the lovely British weather for once!
> Hasta luego x

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First week

And a reunion with my bag!

overcast 20 °C

So I can't believe I've been here for a week already! A quick overview for you: Montanita is a small town on the coast consisting of a main road with the school at one end and the cabanas where I'm staying at the other. Then there are a few blocks which are mainly bars, shops and hostels and the beach, and that's it!

The cabanas mainly house students from the school and I would say there are about 20 of us here. We have a pool, communal kitchen and Im currently sharing a room with a german and French girl who are both no trouble whatsoever. My Spanish class only has 2 other people in it which is good, and it's amazing to see how much I have learnt so far! I can understand and write pretty well but still struggling with the speaking but I've plenty of time to practice! I knew enough to be able to go to and retrieve my bag (hurrah!) from a depot yesterday so that's a start.

And yo estoy muy feliz about the reunion with my bag! Never have I been so pleased to see clean clothes! But I survived a week on one set of clothing and the boys in my class hadn't even noticed so I'm clearly getting the hang of this travelling malarkey!

So most of this week has been spent studying either at school or at the dive shop, but it has paid off as I passed my first diving theory test. We followed that with a pool session and then we were supposed to go for my first open water dive today but conditions were so poor we had to come back. On the weather front it has at least stopped raining but pretty overcast, come on sun I'm supposed to be on the ruta del sol!

With no diving this weekend I'll have the chance to do some exploring and just relax a bit as it's been pretty full on so far. The town is mostly full of tourists and is supposed to get really busy at weekends. Bars are open well into the night as it is so god knows what it'll be like tonight! They say this is a party town but I've been pretty tame so far, well I do have to pace myself for another 7 weeks! But my roommates are leaving tomorrow so I'm sure there will be some cervezas and caiprinas tonight!

That's about all I have to report so far. Getting into the swing of things and looking forward to a rather less stressful week next week!

Muchos love xxx

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